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QLogic QLE8440
Single-Port 10Gbps Ethernet-to-PCIe Converged Network Adapter

QLogic QLE8440

QLogic Products
QLogic 8400 Series PCI Express
USA: FREE Ground ShippingQLogic QLE8440 Single-Port 10Gbps Ethernet-to-PCIe CNA Direct Attach Copper Adapter
List Price: $655.00
Our Price: $397.00
USA: FREE Ground ShippingQLogic QLE8440 Single-Port 10Gbps Ethernet-to-PCIe CNA SR Optics Adapter
List Price: $1,210.00
Our Price: $729.00

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The QLogic 8400 Series of OEM-proven Converged Network Adapters provides exceptional value in delivering industry-leading features and performance to enable the most efficient and agile software-defined data centers (SDDNs). Designed for the most demanding server and network virtualized environments, the 8400 Series Adapter provides full hardware offload support for iSCSI and FCoE protocols as well as VXLAN/NVGRE and SR-IOV to boost server CPU efficiency and maximize application performance.

The QLogic 8400 Series Converged Network Adapters support simultaneous LAN (TCP/IP) and SAN (Fibre Channel over Ethernet [FCoE] and iSCSI) traffic at 10Gbps Ethernet (GbE) line rate speeds. The 8400 Series Adapter provides extremely low host CPU usage by enabling full hardware offloads.

  • PCI Express Gen3 x8
  • Delivers full line-rate 10GbE performance across both ports
  • Industry-leading storage (FCoE and iSCSI) transactional performance
  • Enables provisioning of 10GbE ports for greater deployment flexibility through switch-independent NIC partitioning (NPAR)
  • Boosts host CPU efficiency with hardware offloads for NVGRE and VXLAN tunnels
  • Improves reliability and interoperability—leverages QLogic’s market-proven Ethernet architecture and software
  • Network boot support:
    • iSCSI remote boot
    • FCoE boot from SAN
    • Pre-execution environment (PXE) 2.0
  • PCI-SIG single root input/output virtualization (SR-IOV)
  • Data center bridging (DCB)
  • Low-profile PCIe form factor

The 8400 Series leverages QLogic's long-standing industry leadership in Ethernet by providing the highest levels of performance, efficiency, and scalability for the enterprise data center.

For more effective utilization of the 10GbE bandwidth, the QLogic 8400 Series Converged Network Adapters offer switch-independent NIC partitioning (network partitioning [NPAR]), which enables segmentation of a single 10GbE port into multiple network partitions and dynamic allocation of bandwidth to each port. The segmentation allows IT organizations to optimize resource utilization while lowering infrastructure and operational costs.

The acceleration of data center convergence—triggered by virtualization, software-defined networking (SDN), and multitenant cloud computing platforms—demands high-performance, converged network solutions. The QLogic 8400 Series Converged Network Adapters are the solution of choice for workload-intensive computing environments, providing a reliable, high-performance 10GbE connectivity solution.

Features and Benefits:


  • PCI Express (PCIe) Gen3 x8 (8GT/s) support
  • Full line-rate performance across both ports
  • Broad OS and hypervisor support
  • Network boot support:
    – iSCSI remote boot
    – FCoE boot from SAN
    – Pre-execution environment (PXE) 2.0
  • Switch-independent NIC partitioning with up to four partition assignments per 10GbE link
  • MSI and MSI-X support
  • IPv4 and IPv6 offloads
  • PCI-SIG single root input/output virtualization (SR-IOV)
  • Comprehensive stateless offloads
  • RX/TX multiqueue:
    – VMware NetQueue™
    – Microsoft virtual machine queue (VMQ)
    – Linux Multiqueue
  • Tunneling offloads for Network Virtualization using Generic Routing Encapsulation (NVGRE) and Virtual Extensible LAN (VXLAN)
  • Receive side scaling (RSS)
  • Transmit side scaling (TSS)
  • Support for virtual LAN (VLAN) tagging
  • Support for jumbo frames larger than 1,500 bytes
  • Network teaming, failover, and load balancing:
    – Smart Load Balancing™ (SLB)
    – Link aggregation control protocol (LACP) and generic trunking
  • Data center bridging (DCB)


Designed for Next-Gen Server Virtualization
The 8400 Series Converged Network Adapters support today's most compelling set of powerful networking virtualization features: SR-IOV, switch-independent NIC partitioning (NPAR), tunneling offloads (VXLAN and NVGRE), and industry-leading performance, thus enhancing the underlying server virtualization features.

  • SR-IOV delivers higher performance and lower CPU utilization with increased virtual machine (VM) scalability.
  • QLogic NPAR enables up to four physical, switch-agnostic, switchindependent NIC partitions per adapter port. Dynamic and fine-grained bandwidth provisioning enables control of network traffic from VMs and hypervisor services.
  • Concurrent support for SR-IOV and NPAR enables virtual environments with the choice and flexibility to create an agile virtual server platform.
  • Designed to meet the demands of large public cloud deployments, the 8400 Series Converged Network Adapters feature tunneling offloads for multitenancy with VXLAN and NVGRE support.
  • The 8400 Series is designed for maximum flexibility, which enables simultaneous, fully-offloaded, high-performance, multiprotocol (FCoE, iSCSI, and NIC) support from each independent port of the adapter.

Extreme Application Performance
The QLogic 8400 Series Adapter features a high-speed, flexible architecture driven by independent ultra-high performance engines. It delivers the industry's highest performance to meet and exceed the peak demands of the most demanding enterprise application or virtual platform.

  • Availability of both RSS and TSS allows for more efficient load balancing across multiple CPU cores.
  • Increases server performance with full hardware offload for storage traffic.
  • Industry-leading FCoE performance of up to 2.6 million IOPS, suitable for high-density server virtualization and large databases.
  • Industry-leading iSCSI performance of up to 1.5 million IOPS, suitable for a diverse set of applications leveraging the flexibility of iSCSI.

Operating Expense Savings with Low-Power PCI Express Gen3
The 8400 Series Converged Network Adapters are PCIe Gen3-based adapters that have one of the lowest power consumption profiles in the industry.

  • Supporting the latest generation of host bus connectivity, PCIe Gen3 enables the 8400 Series Adapters to deliver line rate dual-port performance without compromise.
  • The 8400 Series Adapters are designed to provide maximum power efficiency, consuming a mere 7.1 watts (single-port) of power and yet delivering a fully-offloaded, high-performance I/O connectivity platform.

Leadership, Confidence, and Trust
QLogic adapters offer users peace of mind and confidence, as proven through the company's market share leadership: #1 in Converged Network Adapters. The 8400 Series Converged Network Adapters offer the highest reliability, availability, and serviceability options that customers rely on to meet and exceed stringent service-level agreements for enterprise data centers.

Technical Specifications:

Adapter Model QLE8440-CU/-SR QLE8442-CU/-SR
  QLE8440-CU/-SR QLE8442-CU/-SR
Physical Specifications
Ports Single-port 10Gbps Ethernet Dual-port 10Gbps Ethernet
Form Factor PCI Express short, low-profile card:
167.64mm × 68.91mm (6.60in. × 2.71in.)
PCI Express short, low-profile card:
167.64mm × 68.91mm (6.60in. × 2.71in.)
Environment and Equipment Specifications
Airflow 200LFM 200LFM
Power 7.1 watts (nominal) 7.65 watts (nominal)
Operating Temperature 32°F to 131°F (0°C to 55°C)
Storage Temperature –40°F to 149°F (–40°C to 65°C)
(Relative, Non-condensing)
Operating and non-operating: 10% to 90%
Host Bus Interface Specifications
Bus Interface PCI Express Gen3 x8 (x8 physical connector)
Host Interrupts MSI-X supports independent queues
I/O Virtualization and Multitenancy
  • SR-IOV
  • Switch-independent NIC partitioning
  • Generic routing encapsulation (NVGRE) packet task offloads
  • Virtual Extensible LAN (VXLAN) packet task offloads
  • PCI Base Specification, rev. 3.0
  • PCI Bus Power Management Interface Specification, rev. 1.2
  • Advanced configuration and power interface (ACPI) v2.0
Ethernet Specifications
Throughput 10Gbps line rate per port
Ethernet Frame 1,500 bytes and larger (jumbo frame)
Stateless Offload
  • TCP segmentation offload (TSO)
  • Large send offload (LSO)
  • Large receive offload (LRO)
  • Giant send offload (GSO)
  • TCP and user datagram protocol (UDP) checksum offloads
  • Receive segment coalescing (RSC)
  • Interrupt coalescing
  • RSS and TSS
  • VMware NetQueue, Microsoft VMQ, and Linux Multiqueue
  • IEEE 802.3ae (10Gb Ethernet)
  • IEEE 802.1q (VLAN)
  • IEEE 802.3ad (Link Aggregation)
  • IEEE 802.3x (Flow Control)
  • IPv4 (RFC 791)
  • IPv6 (RFC 2460)
  • IEEE 802.1Qbb (Priority-Based Flow Control)
  • IEEE 802.1Qaz (data center bridging exchange [DCBX] and enhanced transmission selection [ETS])
FCoE Specifications
Performance - 2.6 million FCoE IOPS (QLE8442)
iSCSI Specifications
Performance - 1.5 million iSCSI IOPS (QLE8442)
Tools and Utilities
Management Tools and Device Utilities
  • Advanced Control Suite™ (ACS)
  • Native OS management tools for networking
Boot Support
  • iSCSI remote boot
  • FCoE boot from SAN
  • PXE 2.0
Agency Approvals
EMI and EMC 1
  • US and Canada: FCC Rules,CFR Title 47, Part 15, Subpart B:2013 Class A; Industry Canada, ICES-003:2012 Class A
  • Europe: EN55022:2010/CISPR 22:2009+A1:2010 Class A, EN55024:2010, EN61000-3-2:2006 A1+A2:2009, EN61000-3-3:2008
  • Australia/New Zealand: AS/NZS; CISPR 22:2009+A1:2010 Class A
  • Japan: VCCI:2012-04; Class A
  • Korea: KC-RRA KN22 KN24(2013) Class A
Safety 1
  • US and Canada: UL 60950-1 (2nd Edition) 2007, CSA C22.2 No.60950-1-07 (2nd Edition) 2007
  • Europe: TUV EN60950-1:2006+A11+A1+A12 2nd Edition, TUV IEC 60950-1:2005 2nd Edition Am 1:2009 CB

1 Agency certifications are pending.


Download the QLogic 8400 Series Adapter Datasheet  (PDF).


QLogic Products
QLogic 8400 Series PCI Express
USA: FREE Ground ShippingQLogic QLE8440 Single-Port 10Gbps Ethernet-to-PCIe CNA Direct Attach Copper Adapter
List Price: $655.00
Our Price: $397.00
USA: FREE Ground ShippingQLogic QLE8440 Single-Port 10Gbps Ethernet-to-PCIe CNA SR Optics Adapter
List Price: $1,210.00
Our Price: $729.00